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About Us

Energy Superfoods is an all Australian company that came about after discovering the health benefits and nutritional secrets hidden in a group of natural wholefoods referred to as Superfoods.

After 40 years of being overweight, unhappy, unfit and suffering a chronic and debilitating auto-immune disease I had pretty much written my health off ... until I tried something new. Superfoods.

Enhanced nutrition, greatly improved health, increased energy, and incredible fitness levels were the result of that discovery

... much to my surprise. And it was easy to get results, also much to my surprise.

These amazing and very real nutritional benefits allowed me to change my life and my health like nothing I'd ever experienced before.  

Friends and family saw the difference in me, did what I did, got the same results, then insisted I share what we'd learnt. And so here we are!

Now I'm happy to share that valuable knowledge with you too.

Carole Keast, Before and After

Energy Superfoods is my way of sharing these health promoting secrets with anyone else who is interested in doing the same thing for themselves. (No boob job btw, that was all just fat!)

Sharing with you the powerful benefits of superfoods and how they can offer incredible improvements to your health, weight, nutrition, energy and fitness levels too is what I love to do.

To bring products to you 'tried, tested and suggested' is great, to bring them at affordable prices with tips on how to use them is even better.

Superfoods are the answer to improved health.

Simplify the health food maze, save at least 15% on all health products, and make good health an easy choice with Energy Superfoods.