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3 Simple Steps to Save your Health Today!

Energy Superfoods - Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Here are 3 simple steps you can implement today that will make huge improvements to your health.

Start now before the silly season gets into full swing so your body will be better able to cope with the influx of alcohol and Xmas fare. The benefits of these changes will help in reducing the cravings for over-indulging in these treats too - which may help your NYE resolution be something other than weightloss related!

1. Reduce or (ideally) eliminate sugars - use stevia instead, check ingredients on packaged goods, go for low sugar fruits: cherries, berries, green apples, kiwifruit, grapefruit

2. Cut out all bad fats (canola & soy oils, margarine). Use instead: olive (use cold, not for cooking), coconut (use cold and for cooking), and organic unrefined seed oils (pumpkin seed, flaxseed etc - use cold), butter, ghee, fish and codliver oils

3. Introduce fermented foods with meals; aids digestion, boosts immune system, introduces microflora that 'eats' sugar, reduces cravings - easy one to start with is Apple Cider Vinegar - dilute in cranberry juice 'n water if u prefer, or you can ferment your own veggies and foods.

Bring in one change at a time if you like, but the quicker you get them underway the sooner they will work together to benefit each other and improve your health, boost your energy, revitalise your good looks with your welcomed new feeling of amazing wellbeing!!

Due to the high incidence and usage of sugar in our diets this change will likely feel like the hardest, but just three to four days is all it takes to break the addictive habit. A dose of apple cider vinegar in between meals is a helpful tool in curbing the cravings and increasing your success, as well as offering an alkalising boost. Which just leaves the oil, and that one is the easiest of all. Just make sure to check contents of packaged foods too for this one - you'll be surprised how many products also contain the nasty canola and soy oils, more than likely the hydrogenated forms of them too which makes them even worse for your health. 

Which brings me to packaged (processed) vs raw foods ... nah just kidding - one step at a time!! =)

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