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Health is More than 80:20

Energy Superfoods - Wednesday, October 09, 2013

But it's a good start!!

So much about being considered 'healthy' is related to our weight and what we put in our mouths. Considering obesity is linked to so many diseases it can't be denied that a healthy weight, and thus what we eat, certainly plays a big part in our overall health.

Many say achieving a healthy weight is 80% what you eat and the other 20% is 'everything else' - whatever, and what ALL, that is. General consensus is that it's 20% exercise. I don't think it's that simple or that obvious.

But let's face it, achieving weight loss isn't rocket science. Bottom line to weight loss is practicing the equation of  ENERGY IN < ENERGY OUT ... in order to cause our bodies to turn to our fat reserves for fuel, rather than the instant calories (or energy) of what we literally just ate.

It's how we (our body and our mind as one) manage those two parts that matters the most and has the most positive impact on a healthy 'outcome' - always remembering each perceived goal or outcome is individual to your own personal circumstances.

So if 80% of the healthy weight battle is what we eat (energy in), then that bit isn't hard to get a grasp of. The quality of what we eat most certainly affects our health overall though; nuts 'n veg over lollies 'n chips for example. Or binging/starving in order to enjoy your 'energy in' calories consisting mostly of cake and coke or pizza and beer, rather than a balanced consumption of healthy calories rich in nutrition, with limited toxins for our livers to process - such as the empty calories of sugar or alcohol. You need to be able to manage that 80% properly, and that is why the 20% is so important.

Now let's consider that 20% list in more detail. In my humble opinion it warrants a value greater than 20% because these things play such an important role in the way we (our minds and bodies) manage that 80% mentioned above; how easily, how effectively and how consistently we can apply it - particularly if we've had a history of poor dietary or lifestyle choices, or a lifelong challenge of managing chronic disease or weight, or both as is the case for many people I meet who struggle to manage both.

While the 80% is fairly obvious, and most of us know what it involves, I believe the more elusive and ambiguous '20%' extends to a variety of things such as genetics, stress levels, hormones, lifestyle, exercise, medications, emotions, alternative therapies (massage, hypnosis, reiki), personal support networks, family, psychological well being, addictions/habits ... the list goes on. And it's a big list, certainly more extensive than the somewhat basic 80% "what you eat" category.

The purpose of the next few blogs is not to bore you with a plethora of healthy delights to put in your mouth - there are already plenty of websites dedicated to that, that do a way better job than I ever could.  Instead, our journey (should you choose to join me) will be to investigate that other 20% of things you can do to improve your health, and decrease your waistline if that is also one of your goals.

We'll look at what roles these other 20% A-Listers play in your health status, and how important they are to your overall success in improving your health or helping with managing a healthy weight.

And we'll sum up how they will add to your success in maintaining good health, or a healthy weight - depending on your personal journey -  as you work towards achieving your health goals. And more importantly we'll give you some ideas on how you can implement these changes or support techniques.

By all means have your questions ready, or share them or your comments below for a valuable and welcomed discussion.

Chat with you all again soon!

Carole =)


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