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Superfoods, a necessity for healthy living

We all know that it's important to give our body the nutrients it needs and deserves. We should detox for a healthy liver, eat well, avoid sugar & bad fats, participate in regular exercise and drink more cleansing alkalising water.

It should be that simple, but there's a whole industry built around making good nutrition seem difficult; Diets with complex daily plans, bottle after bottle of synthetic vitamins, confusing health shop products, nutrient deficient supplements, processed foods, toxic drugs and even surgery. All are promoted as a means to healthy living and increased vitality. 

Often they offer very little in measurable results, organic wholefoods or real nutrition. Our aim is to simplify the maze by selecting the highest quality, most effective and ethical health products, to make good health an easy process.

Here's a secret that few will tell you:  improving your health with natural, organic superfoods can really be so much easier, and way more effective too!

Superfoods (such as the Acai Berry, Pea Protein and Super Greens) are naturally occurring sources of functional foods that have high phytonutrient content; antioxidants, anthocyanins, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre, are low in fat and sugar while being high in nutritional content and support alkalising within your body.

Superfoods can also refer to organic wholefoods that offer synergistic benefits to our health such as eliminating free radicals (disease and inflammation), promoting a balanced pH level, improving mental clarity and boosting energy levels without synthetic or inactive levels of functional ingredients.

Imbued with phytochemicals, superfoods promote good health and wellbeing, supercharge your metabolism, alkalise your body, boost your energy, detox your liver, encourage natural weightloss, assist to eliminate pain and acidosis related inflammation and disease, and confer incredible benefits on your immune system. 

Disease can't survive in an alkaline environment.

Download your free alkalising food chart right now to assist with lowering your pH today.

barley_field Barleygrass: along with the Acai berry, are a fantastic source of naturally occurring phytonutrients

The lie of big pharma

pillsWe all know big corporate pharmaceutical companies like to dismiss the value of superfoods, particularly naturally occurring vitamins and the popular Acai berry.

So you might be surprised to know that one of our most common drugs, used daily throughout the world, Aspirin, was originally derived from a phytochemical.

Now produced synthetically, Aspirin was created from Salicin, a phytochemical extracted from the bark of the white willow tree.

Our ancestors have known of the anti-inflammatory properties of Salicin for at least 2,500 years. Even today, Salicin is quietly considered a better option than Aspirin, which causes gastric bleeding. Salicin does not.

Another example: Taxol, an important cancer drug, is a phytochemical, extracted from the Pacific Yew tree. That is just one example. Intravenous Vitamin C has been shown to eliminate cancer cells, and alkalising reduces more disease symptoms than any medicine by reducing the effects of acidosis.

So big pharma knows all about Superfoods, phytonutrients and the Acai Berry - they just prefer that you don't!

Energy Superfoods to the rescue!

You can see what superfoods have done for me. Let me help you achieve the same incredible results.

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It's time to employ the secrets of superfood nutrition for everyday living!

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