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  • Fermented, Raw, Vegan - Best Selling 3 Book Pack

    Fermented, Raw, Vegan - Best Selling 3 Book Pack
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    Fermented Raw Vegan 3 Book Pack - (RRP: $89.85)

    3 of the current best sellers in a fantastic pack! Learn how to use the power of fermented foods, enzyme rich raw dishes, and easy and delicious vegan fare for optimal health. Ideal as a gift (or 3 x gifts) for yourself, for Christmas, or just to add essential reading to your kitchen resources.



    Fermented Foods for Health by Dierdre Rawlings, Ph.D., N.D.  (RRP $29.95)

    Use the power of Probiotic Foods to Improve Your Digestion, Strengthen Your Immunity, and Prevent Illness. 

    An excellent resource that offers a comprehensive guide to the 'what is', 'how to' and 'let's do' of fermentation and fermented products (e.g.. kefir, sauerkraut, kombucha, kvass, veggies, dips, lentils, chutneys, yoghurt etc) and in depth up to date information relating to digestive and other illnesses and their relationship to our gut health

    Raw Addiction by Katrina Ellis - Naturopath,, Iridologist, Herbalist, Lecturer  (RRP $39.95)

    Easy, Delicious and Addictive Recipes to Reverse Aging and Disease

    Lots and lots of popular easy recipes for delicious enzyme rich raw delicacies, meals, snacks, treats, dressings, soups, beverages and more from best selling author and natural health practitioner Katrina Ellis. 

    500 Vegan Dishes by Deborah Gray (RRP $19.95)

    The only compendium of vegan dishes you'll ever need.  It's title says all that really needs to be said ... =)




    • QTY:  
    • $75.95