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  • Budda Tears Jasmine Green Tea Handrolled Leaves 50gm

    Budda Tears Jasmine Green Tea Handrolled Leaves 50gm
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    • $13.55

    Budda Tears 50gm - Hand rolled balls of Jasmine Silver Tips Green Tea

    Rich in Anti-Oxidants, enjoy this refreshing cup of hand rolled Jasmine Green Tea all day long. Watch as the balls unravel in your cup, revealing freshly picked Jasmine Green Tea leaf buds, delightfully whole which just adds to the quality and oriental mystique of this unique and delicious quality Green Tea.

    With a deliciously refreshing, smooth taste, this popular green tea is easy to measure out for cup, mug or teapot serve and is one of our best sellers. Great for detox, hydration, weightloss, anti-oxidant boost or simply for a relaxing healthy cuppa you will love this popular Green Tea.

    Put 3-6 balls in a cup, mug or teapot, add water off the boil. Brew to desired tastes, recommended about 6 minutes.

    PS. Easily my favourite Green Tea ever!! I usually put about 5-6 balls in my favourite mug, drink the first one pretty quickly so it doesn't get too strong then reuse the leaves by topping mug up with boiled water up to three or four times throughout the day. Even cold it is still a charmingly refreshing drink! And I never get bored looking at the buds - what a neat way to serve real Green Tea leaves, not a hint of processing in sight, love it!!  Carole =) xx
    • QTY:  
    • $13.55