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  • Eden Kickstart Breakfast Herbs 170gm

    Eden Kickstart Breakfast Herbs 170gm
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    A blend of seven powdered herbs to provide optimum nutrition and to kick start your day, naturally.

    Kickstart Breakfast Herbs is a superior and complete blend of potent herbs synergistically combined for optimum health benefits for the whole body. Healing, cleansing, invigorating, nourishing and rejuvenating - all in one easy to use mild tasting powder.



    A lack of nutrition can cause everything from low energy and a weak immune system to virtually any disease. “Kickstart” is a superior and complete blend of 7 certified organic or wildcrafted herbs designed to boost energy, and holistically detox, energise and support a healthy body and immune system.

    Eden Kickstart Breakfast Herbs is like a super concentrated food that can help remedy the energy low associated with poor nutrition and an unbalanced body. It contains a diverse range of potent, well known, traditional herbs for superior energy, stamina and optimum well-being. Healing, cleansing, invigorating, nourishing and rejuvenating - all in one easy to use mild tasting powder.

    Kickstart Breakfast Herbs are designed for daily consumption, ideally in the morning with breakfast for best effect throughout the day.

    Almost identical formula to a capsulated MLM product scientifically proven to boost immune system, improve health concerns and reduce detrimental ill health symptoms - but at fraction of the price and nearly double the ingredient content of capsules.

    Healthy, tasty, versatile, easy addition to smoothies, cereal, snacks etc. Or can be brewed as a tea.

    Astragalus acts as a tonic to protect and build the immune system.

    Brahmi improves memory.

    Siberian ginseng and Withania strengthen adrenal glands, enhance immune function and increase energy levels.

    Licorice Root stabilizes blood sugar levels.

    Slippery Elm is soothing for the bowels, while Milk Thistle helps protect the liver.

    Ingredients:Astragalus, Brahmi, Siberian ginseng, Licorice root, Slippery Elm, Milk Thistle, Withania All herbs certified organic or wildcrafted where available 


    Suggested use: 

    Ideally mix half to one tablespoon of Kickstart Breakfast Herbs powder into your smoothie, yoghurt, cereal, water, fresh veg juice etc for a daily serve of these powerful herbs. You will feel the difference in boosted energy, increased stamina and a more wakened overall wellbeing.

    For children under 12, halve the adult dose and increase gradually according to the individual's toleration to the powder and their particular health needs.

    Caution: should not be used during pregnancy or by nursing mothers.

    You can also get Kickstart Breakfast Herbs pre-mixed into the Energy Superfoods Superfood Smoothie Blend powder, for ease and convenience in a one-stop super good-for-you protein shake - containing all the essential 'good stuff' our busy bodies need each day.

      • QTY:  
      • $25.45