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  • Favourites Superfood Value Pack

    Favourites Superfood Value Pack
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    Boost your Energy, Unleash your Vitality, and even Fight and Prevent Disease with this ALL-IN-ONE Superfood Favourites Value pack!

    • 1 x Super Greens 200gm
    • 1 x Coral Cal/Mag 100gm
    • 1 x Pea Protein (Vanilla) 1kg
    • 1 x Maca Powder 200gm
    • 1 x Maqui Active 150gm

    Includes FIVE highest quality Essential Superfoods for one amazingly LOW price.

    • Super Greens Powder 200g (or 200 x 500mg TABLETS)
    • Coral Calcium Magnesium Powder 100g (or VEGAN FRIENDLY Green Calcium 100gm)
    • Pea Pro Pea Protein Isolate 1kg
    • Maca Root Powder 200gm
    • Maqui Active Powder 150gm
    This tried and tested Spring Essentials Superfood Pack contains the five foundational superfood products that offer your body the best health and nutrition benefits. Each product can be easily included into your daily health routine for immediate benefits.

    This pack is designed to give you one months supply of an active serve of powerful superfoods each day, easily taken as a delicious energy boosting, nutrient rich, health rejuvenating smoothie.

    Individually these products retail at over $179, but as an Energy Superfoods member you get them at the super low price of just $149.75!

    That's a saving of over $30 - and FREE postage too, worth up to $13!

    There’s a Vegan Friendly Option too, so no-one has to miss out.

    And a Tablet Friendly Option too, for those who prefer pills to powders.

    Call our friendly team today to find how these superfoods can help you to …

    BUY NOW Favourites Superfood Value Pack - PLUS - Free Postage!



    • 1. Super Greens (200gm)

      to power up your health and nutritional amino acid intake with alkalising concentrated greens. Great source of protein, blood sugar balancing to help curb cravings, reduces bloating, energises and must be considered the first step to successful weight control.


      Super Greens Tablets (200 x 500mg)
      is available if you’d prefer a tablet version. Please click on this link to order the Winter Essentials TABLET Superfood Pack.
    • 2. Coral Calcium/Magnesium (100gm)

      the purest coral calcium/magnesium powder perfectly balanced 2:1 in nature for extra alkalising and vitamin/mineral nutrition absorption


      Green Calcium (100gm)
      is available if you’d prefer a Vegan Friendly pack. Please click on this link to order the Vegan Friendly Winter Essentials Pack. This product also comes in capsule form and is included in the Tablet pack.
    • 3. Pea Pro Protein (Vanilla 1kg)

      powder for a naturally alkalising nutritional meal replacement for weight loss/maintenance, and a powerful protein based training fuel. Pea protein makes a healthy bioavailable protein alternative that already has a natural pH of 7.5 compared to the dehydrating whey proteins and diluted commercialised protein powders full of synthetic additives – Pea Pro Pea Protein Isolate is 88% protein, with vanilla extract.
    • 4. Maca Powder (100gm)

      is certified organic, rich in proteins, calcium, vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids. It is an adaptogenic herb meaning that it will work on the body according to needs, age and gender of the person taking it. Also knows as “Peruvian Ginseng”, Maca has been traditionally used as a general health tonic. It’s known as a natural hormone balancer and energy booster, as well as a sexual performance and fertility enhancing superfood. This product also comes in capsule form and is included in the Tablet pack.
    • 5. Maqui Berry Active (150gm)

      is simply the highest quality natural wholefood antioxidant on the planet! With up to four times the antioxidants of popular Acai Berry, Maqui Active has well and truly earned it’s place in the Winter Essentials Pack. Touted as the No.1 Antioxidant Superfood in the world with the highest ORAC score of any known food source, you only require a 1.5gm serve (about a level teaspoon!) so this pack contains 100 serves! This is a product for everyone’s health. This product also comes in capsule form and is included in the Tablet pack.


    • QTY:  
    • $149.75